Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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This one's for Mum who chose this day to go to Heaven, we sit and see the glory into which she has passed.

Exercise 17 - Exploring Web 2.0 Awards

Spent awhile looking at various sites:- my heritage, vufind, picnik (interesting), technorati (I remember why I didn't like it), Pandora, and twitter. Lastly I looked at Google Maps and finally found one I could write about.
First, you don't need to sign in, you can jump right in. Features I liked were the zoom in/out capability with either satellite, terrain or road map choices for viewing. Other useful features included the Hot Spot and Island guides for checking out particular places. I really liked the Videos from YouTube function which allows you to access videos linked to locations. Quality was sometimes dodgy but they often gave an insight into the location. This would be good to share with patrons travelling overseas.
The other site I found useful was picnik. It was free but you needed to register. I didn't, but think its applications really exciting, eg - for photo editing, and its links to sites such as flickr, myspace and facebook for working with your photos.